Fifth generation Flatdog DTG is here! What’s new?

FlatDog GenX is a fifth generation direct-to-garment printer.

In it, our team implemented the latest mechanical and software improvements for faster, more reliable and more budget-friendly production, based on the experience and recommendations of our Engineers, Practitioners and Customers.

We continue the tradition of improving and developing FlatDog machines.

Here is an answer to the question, what are the innovations in FlatDog GenX compared to the previous, fourth generation FlatDog DX11 2H?

The printer is based on a new self-supporting, all-aluminum chassis.
This gives the following advantages:
– smaller dimensions even when the print area is increased to 105/52 cm (printing on 3 T-shirts at the same time)
– quieter and smoother work
– weight reduction
– stronger and more reliable construction

A new model of print heads.
2 modern six-channel Epson print heads, separate for W and CMYK.
– the print heads are almost 8 times cheaper than competing models (let’s not forget that the heads are consumables and their life is 18 months on the average).
– better ink saturation of both W and CMYK.
– less cleaning, which saves time and ink
A serious advantage in the increasingly competitive textile market.

Optimized circuit diagram.
New energy-saving architecture of the electrical control, built with fewer energy-intensive modules.
Secured with secret locks against unwanted access.

Updated table drive with digital control.
Uncompromising positioning of the printed product to the print head, even under variable conditions such as temperature, weight, extended period of time…

New more precise and safer capping positioning module.
Ball guides with springs protect the heads from excessive pressure and displacement.

Modern facelift
A modern engineered look, softened with designer touches and flair.
An appearance that attracts customers and respects competitors.

FlatDog – machines for Connoisseurs.
The machine meets and meets the EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.

FlatDog DX11 2H was developed in 2021, and is a completely new, fourth generation direct-to-garment textile printer.

Here is an answer to the question, what are the innovations in FlatDog DX11 2H, compared to the previous third generation FlatDog Evolution?

Conceptual innovations:
The printer is based on new, modern electronics, controlling up to 4 print heads with advanced functions.
The base model has 2 Epson DX11 print heads, distributed as follows:
First, 6-channel print head for white ink only and second print head for CMYK with enhanced magenta and black.
This makes it possible to optimize the machine according to the specifics of textile printing:
– simultaneous printing of W and CMYK in one pass (higher productivity).
– cleaning of only W or only CMYK printhead in case of missing nozzles.
– the possibility of replacing only the white or color print head if necessary.
– better saturation of the white base.

Reduced exploitation costs for parts and ink:
– The price of Epson DX11 print heads as of 01. 2021 is 250 euros.
– You clean only the head that needs it.
– No forced cleanings.
– No expensive modules to replace periodically.

Optimization of cleaning and maintenance.
– Faster and more efficient cleaning procedure (an important condition for problem-free operation).
– Easy replacement of components on the ink system, without the need for a technician.

A more stable and reliable table for placing T-shirts.
– The base of the work tables is now made of aluminum, which increases strength and ease of work.

Changed architecture for waste ink, improving its safe drainage into the container.– Less contamination of the space around the container and easier maintenance by the operator.

New machine control software.
It facilitates the work of users and offers additional functionality.

New version of the cloud generator for the white pad.
– Enables operators to work easily and conveniently with a professional result.

FlatDog has been tested in a licensed laboratory and has a CE certificate!

The machine meets the EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection. We have protocols from the conducted laboratory tests, a technical passport, technical documentation, as well as a new operating manual.