Warranty conditions for the new machines manufactured by Flatdog®

Warranty conditions for the new machines
manufactured by Flatdog®

✔ Warranty maintenance of the new machine is provided by the manufacturer or a person authorized by him for the entire warranty period, which is 12 months.

✔ The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the machine and the signing of a two-sided acceptance protocol, or in the absence of such, from the date of payment of the machine.

✔ The resolving of technical problems during the warranty period is free of charge if it meets the warranty conditions.

✔ The user must notify the manufacturer about any defect with a written notice within 24 hours of its occurrence.

✔ The diagnostics and elimination of the technical problem can be done at the manufacturer’s base in Plovdiv or at the customer’s base at his request, if this is possible.

✔ The warranty does not cover consumables, consumable parts and transport costs.

Warranty liability is void when the defects are a result of:
– Improper operation of the machine or damage caused by human negligence.
– Replacement of parts by a technician not authorized by the manufacturer.
– Use of parts or consumables not approved by the manufacturer.
– Use of expired or improperly stored consumables.
– Use or storage of the machine in inappropriate atmospheric conditions.
– Problems with the customer’s electrical installation or electric shocks.
– Disconnection of the machine from the electrical network for more than 3 days.
– Criminal or illegal actions.
– Force majeure
In case of voiding the warranty liability, the customer owes full payment for the service activity, materials and parts.

Consumables: inks, pretreatment, washing fluid, foil, paper, powder.
Consumable parts: ink track parts that are subject to replacement after a certain period (print heads, dampers, capping, pump, filter, nozzles)