Why a pretreatment machine?

If you are engaged in digital printing on cotton and apply optimizer (pretreatment) with a roller or paint spray gun you face the following problems:

– uneven application
– optimizer overrun
– poor quality printing (caused by poorly prepared base)

– pollution of the room
– inhalation of harmful substances
– increased quantities of waste
– need for an experienced specialist

The pretreatment machine will solve all these problems.
It is an important and indispensable assistant in the preparation for direct printing.


– Maximum spray size 500/400 mm
– Minimum spray size 40/300 mm
– Maximum amount of solution 0.08 g/cm2
– Minimum amount of solution 0.007 g/cm2
– Average working speed 200 T-shirts/hour
– Possibility for working with two pretreatments (for light and dark textiles) without loss of pretreatment when switching from light to dark textiles and cleaning
– Automatic and manual operation
– 7 inch touchscreen display
– Settings for place, size, quantity and spray intensity
– One-way or two-way spraying
– Possibility for storing 10 programs
– Two types of nozzles for 300 mm and 400 mm width of spraying. Quick change
– LED lighting
– 1 year warranty.

All machines are manufactured in Europe in compliance with the European standards.

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