Flatdog DTF- Direct to film printer

FlatDog DTF integrates
two modules into one:
Printer + Dryer

Here are some of its features:

– Flat printing without media movement
– Printing speed – 2.7 m2/hour (for Flatdog DTF Pro)
– 2 printheads with 6 channels each (CCMMYK + WWWWWW)
– Vacuum table with precise digital tempering
– High class white ink circulation system
– 7 inch touchscreen
– Integrated digitally controlled dryer
– Printing format 330/480 mm (600/480 mm for Flatdog DTF Pro)
– Compact overall size 100/80/70 cm, low weight 70 kg


– Both roll and sheet printing
– Quick and easy start (4 minutes for the first print, 12 minutes for the first stamp placement on product)
– High printing speed (more than 2 times faster in comparison with the ordinary Epson-based printers)
– Easy to use (only 2 buttons during work)
– Real service and support from the manufacturer (we make the printer in Bulgaria)
– Very low maintenance costs
– Ink saving (no forced cleaning)

– Energy saving (heaters are switched on in a controlled manner for just a few minutes)
– Reliable mechanics (aluminum and steel frame)
– Open ink system for bulk inks
– Compact size (does not require much work space, can be mounted on a table or desk)
– Smoke and odor removal system
– Spare parts in stock
– 1 year warranty

Why DTF made by Flatdog?

Most DTF printers on the market are Epson office printers. They are meant for printing on paper or textiles
and are not designed for the peculiarities of DTF (Direct To Film) printing.
This creates a number of inconveniences when working with them (slow speed, impossible maintenance,
expensive parts, inappropriateness for professional work etc.).

After in-depth research and analysis, Flatdog decided to develop its own DTF printer in line with the peculiarities of DTF printing and the European market.
The printer is aimed at Small and Medium users of DTF prints.

This is how the unique design of our DTF printer – very different from all the others – materialized.
The printer satisfies needs like:

– high quality printing
– better production speed
– work speed and flexibility
– low production costs

– compact dimensions
– professional reliability
– easy daily maintenance

We know that:

80% of the orders are small
70% of the orders are urgent
100% of the orders are economical

FlatDog DTF is the right machine.

Flatdog recommends the use of consumables with guaranteed origin.
For best results use Kodak DTF inks, foil and powder.

FlatDog is the official representative of the Kodak Resolute Premium series of inks and consumables for Bulgaria.

FlatDog ensures proper storage of long-term quantities.
Kodak Resolute Ink Premium has all the necessary safety documents in compliance with the European legislation regulations.

Flatdog DTF Installation manuals

For more information:
info@flatdog.eu, contact@flatdog.eu
+359 898353845