Direct printing on the fabric

Digital printing on fabrics with natural fiber content such as cotton, linen, and silk using water-based inks.

Large printing format
105 x 140 cm for the XL+ model

Allows printing of one or more pieces at a time. You can print on sewing patterns or ready production. The maximum height of the product to be printed on is 20 cm.

Printing with white ink
for vivid and intense colors

even on dark fabrics.

High printing speed
7 min/m2

High productivity and uncompromising quality.

100% ecological

Water-based inks printed on natural materials. This will be your ready product.

Electronic control

– Automatic setting of the desired printing height.
– Optic monitoring of the height of the printed on product.
– Storing of starting position of printing.
– Storing of position of removing the product.
– Setting of the advancement speed.
– Modern and reliable system for circulation of the white ink.
– Option for automatic start of the cleaning procedure.

Vivid colors and smooth color gradations

Good color fastness to washing

Printing with bulk inks, no need of chips

Maximum height of the product – 20 cm

Sufficient space for mounting of multiple bulky pieces. Even shoes.

Communication via USB and LAN

The orders can be transmitted from various and remote computers.

Touch screen display in Bulgarian for better functionality and easy work.

The operator needs no special preparation. Only after 15 minutes instruction he is ready to start production.

Printing with Wave and without banding

Intelligent technology allowing high quality printing even with missing ink nozzles.

How do we work?

Exact deadline of implementation

We make the machines to order.

We install them at your office and instruct your operator.

The period of manufacture is 6 weeks after the advance payment.

You can count on

Service in the warranty and post-warranty period

Spare parts and consumables

Careful selection of the used materials and units

We use industrial certified materials and components for manufacturing the machine.

Responsible assembly of the ready product

We do not compromise the quality and do not regard the price as the most important thing.

Possible applications

Unique technology for digital, full color printing on fabrics made of cotton, linen,
silk, and other natural textiles with water-based inks.


  • A very good machine. And it proved a well worth investment.

    Ivaylo Yordanov
    Director Neoprint
  • I do large size full color printing on cotton.
    This machine is exactly what I needed.

    Hristo Georgiev
    Online seller
  • Very high quality printing. I can design without limitations.
    It is a dream come true.

    Elena Ivanova

June 6, 2015
Start of the project.

September 6, 2016
Initial prototype is ready.

February 1, 2017
Start of the manufacturing.

Model CMYK + white ink

Model CMYK

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You can rely on us

Installation of the machine
and training of the operators.

Option for extended period for payment.

Service and technical maintenance.

Subscriptional service after the warranty period.

Delivery of spare parts and consumables. See more…

Discount on advance payment.

1 year warranty period.

The warranty of the new machine does not cover:

consumables, transportation costs, mission expenses;

damages due to lack of or negligent maintenance, human error or electric shocks.